Mobile work with the paddo - your charming dose of ergonomics on the go

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At MAJI, we believe that we work best when we feel comfortable. With this claim, we developed the paddo - a positioning cushion that supports you wherever you need it. Because we also know that working environments are changing. And that's why the paddo can accompany you through a day in the office or at home, wherever you are working remotely and on all the paths in between! The paddo - your charming dose of ergonomics for the on-the-go - wants to offer you more comfort for your working days, inspire you to experience work dynamically, and adopt healthy postures. 

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Today your desk is not necessarily in a traditional office, and work can happen anywhere. However, our position has stayed the same: we usually work sitting down. And often more than we realize. We sit at the desk for a long time, sit on the couch, and sit in the car and train, and all in all, it's clear: we sit too much. Then we quickly realize that our body is not designed for this: Sitting involves risks. It can damage the spine or intervertebral discs, overloading the supporting muscles. The result is pain, tension, and stress. That is why the paddo pursues the idea:


Because sitting is the most harmful thing when we remain in static positions for a long time, variety is the key here. Depending on how you use the paddo, it relieves, supports, or activates your postural muscles. The point-elastic pressure distribution of the core ensures that the paddo continuously adapts perfectly to your body. 


With its properties, the paddo supports you functionally when you work and relieves your body. In addition, it is also about the inner attitude. The paddo encourages you to define how you want to work consciously. With the paddo, you can respond to your body's needs self-determined and proactively, react to signals such as back pain and tension, and experience your workplace more dynamically.

With the paddo, you connect the levels of body and consciousness, and you can adopt a physical and mental attitude that enables you to work positively and productively.


The paddo is characterized by its flexible core, so it can easily be reformed and adapted to you and your needs. And so you can use it in many ways. You could use it, e.g., at the desk as a padded rest for the forearms, on the train as an armrest, on the plane as a neck pillow, in the desk chair as a lumbar support, on hard chairs as a seat cushion or to relieve pressure when standing. These are just a few of the numerous possible applications. The paddo supports you flexibly and always precisely where you need it. So: Don't bend; bend your paddo!