MAJI comes from Japanese and means "merge".

You can only be productive when you feel good.

positively productive


MAJI was born out of precisely this ambition.

We have made it our mission to design work environments that add real value to the way we all live and work together.
MAJI gives you the flexibility and freedom you need to work at your own pace and feel comfortable in any (working) environment.

As a young company we want to accompany and support the users in an active, self-determined way of working. No matter where.

  • Karina Schulte


    Student interior design BA

    hobby photographer


    Karina LinkedIn 
  • Vincent Glomm

    Co-Founder I CEO

    cert. Ergonomics coach


    International Business BA

    Applied Entrepreneurship MSc

    Vincent LinkedIn 
  • Jennifer Ewald

    pedagogy concept

    Student Linguistics and Cultural Studies B.Ed.



  • Luana Scannella

    social media

    International Business Studies B.Sc.


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With MAJI a big dream comes true...



"With MAJI, the dream of self-employment is coming true and with it the chance to revolutionize the office furniture market. Especially in the still young remote work era, people should be able to be flexible in their choice of workspace, but without having to give up the comfort they are used to from their desk workstation. To always work in an environment that adapts to you and not the other way around, no matter where; that is the idea behind MAJI.

As a physiotherapist with many years of professional experience, I can only emphasize how important ergonomics is and that it concerns everyone. Especially the people who spend the whole day at work just sitting and who suffer or will suffer from various ailments. In order to ensure more healthy dynamics, it is important to promote both location and posture changes, always integrating ergonomics as a subtle companion. This is the only way to make the working world 4.0 work."